The St Werburgh's Festival presented Yuki.

Saturday, June 14, 2003, at 4:30 PM.

yuki playing at St Werburgh's Festival

It's festival season again! St Werburgh's Festival had a really nice "festival atmosphere" which I love so much. I really enjoyed the festival, it was great to be a part of it. This time, I brought my buddy, a Yamaha P-80 "electronic piano" (thanks to my roadie, Mr.M). It is a great machine which responds to the slightest changes in touch. (No, no endorsment contract, yet.) The stage had a good sound system, with good monitors.

With audience's help the set went quite well, but my manager (Mr.M again) said I should smile more. OK, I will try next time! After my set, I enjoyed the rest of the festival. The psychadelic gypsy exotica band "Vladimir Steamboat" were fantastic!

I'd like to thank the staff/organizers/people of St Werburgh City Farm, and the audience.

See you at Ashton Court Festival!

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